Logos Biosystems releases easy-to-use imaging equipment

According to Logos Biosystems, its latest Celena S Digital Imaging System will enable even non-technical personnel to capture high-quality digital images suitable for a variety of life sciences use.

The multi-purpose Celena S Digital Imaging System incorporates an onstage incubator and is designed to simplify high-resolution fluorescence, brightfield, and phase contrast imaging, according to the South Korean maker of laboratory automation and imaging products.

The Celena S is a fully integrated digital imaging system that incorporates an inverted microscope, a high sensitivity CMOS camera, LED light sources, fluorescence filters, a computer, andĀ image capture and analysis software into one device.

The system comes with interchangeable objectives and LED filter cubes.

The Celena S can accommodate a wide range of fluorescence and brightfield applications.

The intuitive software makes sophisticated imaging simple, such as time-lapse imaging, Z-stack imaging, and image-based automated cell counting.

An onstage incubation system provides the option to precisely control the environmental temperature, humidity, and gas content to cells for sensitive live cell imaging.

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