Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group release new peristaltic tabletop liquid filling machine

Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group (WMFTG) releases its Flexicon PF7 peristaltic tabletop aseptic liquid filling machine optimised for operation in GMP regulated industries such as biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and diagnostics. Engineered with Flexicon’s trademark precision performance, the PF7 adds a more intuitive, validation-friendly operator interface to reduce the risk of costly filling errors.

The instrument has precision dispensing by weight or by volume using Accusil tubing, and the PF7 is designed to work with single-use fluid paths such as asepticsu, to remove any cross-contamination. Altering the fluid path can be done in as little as 60 seconds.

The PF7 comes programmed with recommended filling parameters based on Flexicon’s 30 years of experience. The adaptable filling parameters will achieve optimum accuracy for desired application needs and will store and password protect up to 200 user programmable ‘recipes’ for future use. A simple and powerful user interface featuring large keys and a colour display aids operation while working in gloves or behind glass within a RABS or LAF unit.

All Flexicon systems have a low shear, gentle pumping action of peristaltic fillers, to ensure the product is transferred undamaged and with high precision. The PF7 has been developed specifically for the filling of high-value sensitive fluids in GMP production and cleanroom environments. With this in mind, the machine offers repeatable filling of volumes from as low as 0.2ml up to 250ml, with accuracy better than ±0.5%, to prevent costly overfilling without foaming, splashing or dripping.

The unit can connect to a range of balances and printers for error-free calibration and batch reporting to help compliance with GMP and regulatory demands. The PF7 will also connect to a variety of bottle handling systems such as the FlexFeed 15, 20, and 30, or other third-party systems, to facilitate integration with automated filling lines.



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