Ubiquitome Limited launches their latest product in its range of mobile real-time PCR systems

The Liberty16 mobile personal genomics device

Ubiquitome Limited launches the Liberty16 at the American Society of Human Genetics conference, the latest product in its range of mobile real-time PCR systems. Designed to give users access to mobile, cutting-edge DNA testing, the Liberty16 offers DNA quantitation capability whenever and wherever it’s needed.

”We’ve had fantastic feedback on the ground-breaking, handheld Freedom4 we launched in 2014 and we’ve brought the same mobile design philosophy to the Liberty16,” says founder and CEO Dr. Paul Pickering. “We’re offering it at an accessible price to researchers as an important step on our journey to making DNA testing available in every home.”

The Liberty16 starts at $1,500, and Ubiquitome is taking pre-orders from researchers on a “first-come first-served” basis for the device at http://www.ubiquitomebio.com/Liberty16preorder.

Holly Bowers, of Moss Landing Marine Laboratories, a Liberty16 early access tester, Freedom4 user and marine science researcher says, “The key benefit of both devices is that you don’t have to be in the lab. They’re mobile and flexible and allow you to look at your samples in the field. With the Liberty16 device you have more wells to work with. That allowed us to do more screening of our cultures.”

The Liberty16 comes with built-in lithium-ion batteries for two to three hours of mobile running time, as well as Bluetooth paired with an iPhone app that means you can run your samples anywhere. The device is sized to fit with whatever space a researcher must work with and is easily transported from site to site. It acts as a personal qPCR device that:

• Offers great quality and value
• Fits easily into your workspace
• Comes with a sliding lid so samples are easy to load
• Is light, compact and easy to move around
• Is designed for individual use, meaning you can test samples without waiting

An open platform, the Liberty16 is compatible with industry standard consumables and chemistries such as Taqman®and SYBR® and comes in a sleek, robust, easy-to-clean package.

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