Thermo Scientific bagged media cuts prep time for food microbiology labs

The Thermo Fisher Scientific QuickBag, 4.5L

Thermo Scientific has rolled out a new line of bagged enrichment media designed to significantly reduce hands-on preparation time for laboratory researchers in the food microbiology space.

The company’s FitBag Enrichment Media contain pre-weighed, ready-to-hydrate, gamma-irradiated enrichment media which eliminates the need for further sterilization. The new bagged media are available in a choice of formats and volumes to meet a variety of sample preparation and testing volume needs.

For added convenience and to reduce the risk of contamination, the Thermo Scientific QuickBag Enrichment Media are supplied with water pre-filled.

The ready-to-fill bags also have a smaller footprint compared with prepared media.  The product can be filled when convenient and mixed when required, reducing preparation time to around 10 minutes.

“The QuickBag and FitBag Media Formats are a response to customers who already appreciate the benefits of our large volume Thermo Scientific Dry-Bags Enrichment Media,” said Mark Truesdale, senior director, food safety solutions, microbiology, Thermo Fisher Scientific. “By offering these convenient formats in lower volumes, food microbiology laboratories of all sizes can avoid the time-consuming weighing and autoclaving steps, and alleviate the bottlenecks associated with traditional media preparation.”

The QuickBag and FitBag Media Formats are available in a choice of volumes: 2.7, 4.5 and 9 liters.

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