Thermo Fisher Scientific receives Manufacturing Leaders Innovation Award

Thermo Fisher Scientific’s InSight wireless cold storage monitoring solution is the winner of the 2017 Manufacturing Leaders’ Innovation Award.

The InSight wireless monitoring system features advanced analytics and remote diagnostics to protect valuable samples, and avoid costly repairs and equipment failures by proactively identifying issues. By moving from a ‘fail and fix’ method of equipment maintenance to a ‘predict and prevent’ method, customers can gain better insight into the overall health of a unit over time instead of having to wait for an issue to arise.

Manufacturing Leaders, an executive leadership community dedicated to talent development for the world’s top companies, announced the InSight system as the winner of the Manufacturing Innovation Award. Accepting the award was Sung-Dae Hong, vice president and general manager, Laboratory Equipment Technologies, Thermo Fisher Scientific.

“The annual Manufacturing Leaders’ Innovation Award provides a platform that enables the scientific community to recognize products developed by successfully integrating new technologies, such as sensor networks, Internet of things (IOT), advanced robotics and 3D printing,” says Hong. “We are honoured to receive this award in recognition of the positive impact that the InSight system has on improving laboratory processes, maximizing system uptime and enhancing productivity.”

The InSight wireless monitoring system is designed to allow laboratories to proactively monitor the operation of cold storage equipment, anticipating system failure and maintenance needs, and triggering necessary corrective actions. Using Wi-Fi or proprietary wireless protocols, the system continuously collects and analyzes data for parameters such as cabinet temperature, energy consumption, door openings and ambient temperature. It automatically issues alerts to users’ email and mobile devices when set point breaches are detected. In response, laboratory managers can make knowledge-based service and support or service vs. buy decisions. Overall, system downtime is minimized, giving researchers the peace of mind that their work is protected at all times.

With sustainability being a top priority for many laboratories around the world, the ability of the InSight system to proactively monitor cold storage equipment’s energy consumption helps researchers make informed maintenance decisions. As such, labs can keep their units running optimally and consuming less energy, thereby minimizing their environmental footprint while reducing operating costs.

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