Thermo Fisher reveals the GeneTitan Multi-Channel Intrument

GeneTitan Instrument

The GeneTitan Multi-Channel Instrument from Thermo Fisher Scientific offers streamlining array processing for discovery, exploration, and screening. The GeneTitan Instrument for expression applications and the GeneTitan Multi-Channel (MC) Instrument for expression and genotyping seamlessly integrate hybridization, washing, and imaging in a single instrument to provide automated array processing.

The instrument condenses eight hours of hands-on time into as little as 30 minutes for any microarray platform, and multiplexes samples with minimal operator intervention, reducing labour needs and freeing up skilled lab personnel for other priorities. It will operate unattended overnight, providing up to 10 times the productivity of other platforms, and the unique degree of automation means superior reproducibility and increased confidence in your results.

The GeneTitan MC Instrument is the only platform that will generate robust and reliable genotypes with minimal user intervention while helping reduce costs and processing complexity. The Axiom Genotyping Solution includes Affymetrix-supported manual or automated target prep methods and automation-friendly reagent kits for preparing samples to process in the instrument.

There are many choices from a suite of pre-designed population-specific Axiom Genome-Wide Array Plates for genetic mapping, or the ability to design one with 1,500 to 2.6 million SNPs from the database of 11 million validated genomic.

Choose from the most popular and widely cited microarrays for whole-transcriptome or classical 3’ based designs in a convenient medium- to high-throughput format for low-cost expression profiling of human, mouse, and rat.

Automation-friendly reagent kits easily integrate with upfront Affymetrix-supported automated target prep methods. Alternately, reagent kits designed for the manual assay give the flexibility of preparing samples for lower throughput.

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