Teracom releases temperature and data logger for environmental monitoring

Teracom Control Solutions releases the TCW210-TH, a temperature and humidity data logger with Ethernet interface for communication. It records real-time data and charts temperature, humidity and dew point from a standard web browser.

The device records all monitored parameters in internal FLASH memory. The records are made on the previous set time interval and/or on an alarm condition. The memory capacity allows for at least 36 days to log with recordings every minute. The log file can be periodically uploaded on a dedicated server by HTTP Post.

The logger utilizes circular buffer in FLASH memory. When it is full, the new data overwrites the oldest one. There isn’t a command to clear the log for security reasons. A copy of the full log is always available for download.

TCW210-TH supports temperature or temperature-humidity sensors. All they can be connected either to 1-Wire interface or to more robust MODBUS RTU over RS485. The maximum number of sensors is 8 and it is irrelevant which of the two interfaces will be used.

TCW210-TH can initiate a connection (HTTP Post) to remote dedicated servers. The payload of this post is XML or JSON file. The files contain current values of monitoring parameters. HTTP post can be sent periodically or on previous set alarm conditions.
Standard protocols as SNMP, MODBUS/TCP, and HTTP/API are also available for M2M applications.

TCW210-TH supports communication with ThingSpeak server. Four different parameters (channels) can be processed simultaneously.

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