TA Instruments introduce the Discovery DMA 850 dynamic mechanical analyzer

TA Instruments introduces the Discovery DMA 850 dynamic mechanical analyzer, the newest product in their line of Discovery Series thermal analysis instruments.
A DMA measures the viscoelastic mechanical properties of a material under controlled conditions of temperature, environment, and mechanical stimulus. This new instrument builds on the superior technologies that have led to their global market leading position in DMA, and once again sets the bar in measurement sensitivity and accuracy, while pioneering a new level of testing versatility.
The DMA 850 features frictionless air bearing supports, providing the highest force sensitivity to 0.1 mN and widest continuous travel range of any commercial DMA at 25 mm.  A linear optical encoder ensures stable, accurate, high-resolution displacement measurement across the full travel range and enables unprecedented displacement control of 5 nm.

New DirectStrain and intelligent auto-ranging test controls help to eliminate the guesswork involved in selecting test settings that will be successful when testing a wide range of temperature and stiffness. It has the capability to sequence any combination of instrument commands within a single experimental procedure. This includes the combination of stress- and strain-control in a single experiment, as well as transient, oscillation, and more measurement types in back-to-back steps. This capability may be used to execute a full series of measurements on a single specimen or to apply a mechanical history to a specimen before measurement.

The DMA 850 may be configured with a high-temperature furnace, a relative-humidity control system, and any of five innovative cooling systems, including TA’s exclusive Air Chiller system for liquid nitrogen-free cooling. More than 30 sample clamps are available, each of which is individually designed for accuracy and ease-of-use.

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