Spectrophotometer measures wavelength range in three seconds

The Jenway 7200 Series Diode Array Scanning Spectrophotometers from Cole Parmer has been designed for fast and easy use in life science applications. This spectrophotometer was constructed for use in the fields of molecular biology laboratories, biotechnology, biochemistry and cell biology applications due to its compact and lightweight design.

The product uses electrical scanning to measure wavelength range using diode array technology simultaneously in under three seconds. The reduction of weight times increases the potential of productivity in the labs. Additionally, each dataset contains readings from the complete spectrum, making the data readily available for future analysis. The detector’s orientation shields the array from stray light, allowing an individual to perform measurements with the lid open, quickly exchange samples, and decreases user errors in results.

The spectrophotometer has a small footprint, taking up limited space with a large colour touch screen interface for an easy setup and simple operation in the lab. The USB port on the rear can connect to a printer, while the USB on the front allows for flash drives to store data, quantitation curve uploads, and firmware updates. It is compatible with a range of small volume cuvettes, making it an excellent tool for measuring the purity and concentration of DNA, RNA and other biological samples. The instrument has also been preprogrammed with methods for the quantification of nucleic acids and proteins, measuring the optical density of bacterial cell cultures such as E. coli and yeast cells, and enables scientists to measure cell growth before harvesting.

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