sciNote adds AI capability to lab notebook

sciNote LLC, the U.S.-based maker of a free, open-source electronic laboratory notebook (ELN) is incorporating artificial intelligence into the platform to enhance its capabilities.

The ELN allows users to connect their uploaded files to the sample and protocol repositories to give their data structure and content. Users can also extract information stored in sciNote to quickly generate reports.

With the Manuscript Writer add-on, users of the sciNote lab notebook will be able to generate a draft of a scientific manuscript using relevant references and data stored on the notebook’s platform.

Within sciNote, users can work on their private projects, share projects with members of their team, and invite others to collaborate and even use it to work students. Each user has their own role with a corresponding set of permissions within the team.

By using machine learning and artificial intelligence, the add-on enables researchers to significantly simplify the process of preparing manuscripts and cut down production time. Users can draw information from data stored in the ELN as well as references that can be obtained through open access journals to build their draft document.

“While the competition within the scientific community to publish articles in high-ranking journals is constantly on the rise, it is also vital that valuable research data are published, and therefore accessible, at the earliest possible time,” said Klemen Zupanic, CEO of sciNOte LLC. “sciNote’s ELN is already used by over 20,000 scientists to store and manage scientific data. The announcement of this new AI add-on has the potential to transform the article writing process and empower these scientists while establishing sciNote as a leader in the industry.”


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