Return of BlueOcean gas infusion team to accelerate cannabis, algae growth

Toronto-based health product maker BlueOcean NutraSciences Inc. announced that it has retained its CO2 gas infusion following the return of the company’s co-founder John Archibald has. With Archibald’s return, BlueOcean is looking to use Archibald’s CO2 gas infusion technology in achieving higher cannabis and algae growth yields.

Archibald, who led BlueOcean’s 2011-2013 CO2 gas infusion team, rejoined the company after selling all gas applications at InVentures and Canzone. He did not sell the CO2 gas infusion application which was licensed to BlueOcean.

“The 2011-13 CO2 gas infusion team was initially headed by John Archibald with algae production platform engineering, botany science and gas infusion expertise,” said BlueOcean CEO, Dr. Marvin Heuer. “All core team members have confirmed interest to return under John to monetize our CO2 gas infusion license.”

BlueOcean develops sustainable health supplement products from natural sources. The company’s work involves naturally accelerating plant growth.

Dissolving CO2 gas into the water for foliar spray could accelerate above ground commercial marijuana, vegetables, flowers, urban micro greens and other high-value photosynthetic plant growth beyond just algae, said Marvin.

BlueOcean’s licensed CO2 gas infusion field of use is for any CO2 infusion into water for the increased growth of any plants and animals.

BlueOcean’s CO2 gas infusion was first proven at Canada’s NRC’s algae labs in 2009-10 and demonstrated 200 per cent to 300 per cent accelerated growth.

During tests in 2013 at the University of Guelph the technology demonstrated acceleration of hydroponic lettuce growth by up to 100 per cent. Water foliar spraying of dissolved CO2 targeted at cannabis and other plant leaf stomata accelerates CO2 uptake and therefore should enhance growth rates.

Since 2000, there have been 1,600 commercial gas infusion devices installed globally under Archibald’s guidance, in mostly dissolved oxygen gas infusion groundwater remediation, aquaculture, fermentation, and cosmetics.

Archibald is working with Dr. Matt Julius and St. Cloud University in Minnesota.

Julius has significant gas infusion expertise accelerating algae growth. He will co-lead growth trials at St. Cloud and client facilities to determine incremental growth, yield and quality using CO2 gas infused water.


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