Quebec company makes a breakthrough in food preparation

Reaping the fruit of the last fifteen years, a company out of Quebec develops the first Health Canada approved solution for Listeria monocytogenes (Listeria) to protect fish, and ultimately the human consumer.

Fumoir Grizzly with partners Université Laval and Merinov announce the development completion of the M35 bacteriocin, which they have named BAC M35.

This bioingredient will be integrated into Grizzly’s production chain over the next few weeks and hopes that this will open the door to eradicate the risk of Listeria contamination all over the world.

The M35 bacteriocin is an alternative to traditional microbiological barriers and contains less salt and fewer chemical additives. This bacterial culture is analogous to probiotics, is sourced from a bioingredient naturally present in marine environments and is deemed safe for human health. BAC M35 protects fish for 21 days at 4 °C without affecting taste or nutritional content. Ensuring healthier fresh food, BAC M35 is natural, remains effective even in varying temperatures and is not harmful to the environment.

Currently, there is no equivalent currently known anywhere in the world for BAC M35. Fumoir Grizzly intends to market this bacteriocyte internationally. Patent requests have been submitted in the United States and are in progress for Europe. The company plans on first targeting markets where fish is plentiful, such as Chili, Alaska, and Norway. Fumoir Grizzly is also working on the development and improvement of BAC M35 for use with other foods, including fruits and vegetables, cheeses, beef and deli meats.

“Given the food quality and safety challenges food processors face, the growing world population, the scarcity of resources and the dangers bacteriological contamination pose to human health, Fumoir Grizzly is extremely proud to present and apply BAC M35,” says Laura Boivin, president of Fumoir Grizzly. “We have always made research and development of products and techniques a priority, to ensure the quality and freshness of our fish. That’s what our reputation is built on.”

Fumoir Grizzly promises fish of uncompromising natural quality, without added chemicals and salt after the application of BAC M35. This bacteriocin has become a game changer and will keep many consumers out of hospitals from Listeria. Every year in Canada there are roughly 178 cases of Listeria infection that cause over 150 hospitalizations and 35 deaths; not to leave out the immense financial burden on the economy that is estimated around $240 million annually.

This is indeed a breakthrough in food preparation and a tasty one at that.

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