Purair FLEX portable isolators for the laboratory

The Purair FLEX is a containment product that redefines when and where glove bags can be used. It is designed to be a flexible and portable film isolator with easy setup and containment capability.

It is constructed of ArmorFlex film which offers complete visual clarity and excellent solvent resistance across a range of chemicals as confirmed by independent product testing. ArmorFlex film complies with FDA 21CFR and 2002/72/EC standards for minimal outgassing, solvent and biological reactivity and static resistance.

The materials are FDA approved and pharmaceutical grade with a large workspace. The product has a five-year shelf life without using phthalates, latex, silicone or anti-static additives.

The HEPA Filtration filter is 99.97% efficient at removing solid and liquid particles, including those containing oil. Composed of 3M’s Advanced Electret media, the filter provides a lightweight, easy breathing combination that is better than fiberglass. The filter meets NIOSH P-series test criteria and is flame and water resistant.

The nitrogen barb also allows users to create an oxygen-free workspace.



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