Proteomics launches their Promarker D test for diabetic kidney disease

PromarkerD is a blood test that can diagnose and predict whether a patient will develop diabetic kidney disease.

PromarkerD can predict the onset of diabetic kidney disease before clinical symptoms appear. PromarkerD predicted 86 per cent of previously disease-free patients who went on to develop diabetic kidney disease within four years.

The Promaker platform identified a panel of novel protein markers (biomarkers) that are significantly effective in diagnosing and predicting diabetic kidney disease. The ability of the biomarkers to diagnose and predict diabetic kidney disease was studied and verified in three clinical studies.

The PromarkerD test measures the concentration of these biomarkers to diagnose and predict a person’s risk of developing diabetic kidney disease.

  • The patient’s blood is taken for testing in a pathology collection centre in a routine blood test.
  • The patient’s blood is analysed in the testing laboratory using the PromarkerD laboratory developed test or PromarkerD diagnostic test kit .
  • The testing laboratory sends the results of the blood analysis to the PromarkerD hub for processing.
  • The PromarkerD hub analyses the blood results and determines the patient’s risk of developing diabetic kidney disease in the next four years.
It is recommended to get annual kidney health check-ups if a person has type 2 diabetes, or type 1 for more than 5 years. The PromarkerD test allows the patient to implement preventative measures before kidney damage occurs. This proactive and preventative approach to healthcare leads to better health outcomes for the patient and simplifies patient care for physicians.

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