Porvair Sciences release chemical resistant, pierceable microplate cap mats

Porvair Sciences’ range of pierceable cap mats from sister company, JG Finneran Associates Inc., ensure the integrity of samples in Porvair 96-well Deep Well Microplates with glass inserts used in high-throughput chromatography. Manufactured from chemically resistant PTFE with a silicone lining, the pierceable cap mats come with a specially weakened area in a shape of a cross on each of the 96-well sections. For automated high-throughput chromatography applications where piercing and re-sealing is required, the cap mats allow easy, reproducible access while maintaining a high integrity seal on individual plate wells. Manufactured under cleanroom conditions from pure high-grade polymers, the cap mats contain no contaminants that may leach out and affect samples.


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