Porex Corp. releases innovative antibacterial foam to aid in wound care

Fast and effective wound healing is critical as part of continuing efforts to reduce healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) in clinical settings. Porex Corporation releases a broad-spectrum antimicrobial foam technology that proactively blocks infections and their growth and improves flexibility in wound dressings. 

The technology evenly distributes bacteria-fighting particles throughout a foam matrix used in wound dressings, provides consistent and sustained release of antimicrobial protection, and offers superior wicking and absorption properties to speed healing.

“Porex’s antimicrobial foam is a game-changing technology for the advanced wound care market because it provides a ‘one-two punch’ of infection control,” says Jack Chan, Porex’s global marketing director, medical. “It immediately kills a broad spectrum of harmful bacteria while offering extended release protection that is precise and measured. No other technology on the market offers this level of protection combined with patient comfort,” he added.

The antimicrobial technology incorporates metallic particle silver within a hydrophilic polyurethane foam. Based on the company’s proprietary chemistry, the particles are uniformly and evenly distributed across the entire surface area of the foam for more effective infection protection. It is unlike other technologies due to its immediate ability to kill harmful bacteria at the wound source while providing a sustained and consistent release of antimicrobial protection across the wound dressing for fast-acting results or for long-term attention. It offers greater than 99.99 percent efficacy at attacking Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria and fungal species by disrupting essential functions of infectious microbial cells, destroying cell structures and interfering with cell reproduction.

The amount of silver ions released for antimicrobial protection is limited to the amount needed for killing harmful bacteria. While silver functions as an effective antimicrobial agent, excessive amounts of the element can cause wound discoloration. Their technology is engineered to provide a measured, consistent release for fighting potential infection, however, it releases less silver overall compared to competitive products to prevent wound discoloration.

In addition, Porex’s semi-occlusive foam matrix creates the optimal wound humidity and moisture balance for faster wound healing. Non-adherent and highly absorbent, Porex foam offers fast wicking and thermal insulation so that wounds breathe more effectively. The foam’s soft feel and flexible contouring also enhance patient comfort.


To learn more please visit porex.com.

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