Phoseon Technology releases standalone decontamination system for RNA labs

Phoseon Technology announces the first in a family of products with the KeyPro KP100 decontamination system. Targeted at RNA researchers and lab managers, the KP100 is a standalone decontamination system that saves time and money unlike existing chemical and heat methods.

“Our product provides validated, simple, fast decontamination of microplates and preparatory slides,” states Jay Pasquantonio, senior product manager at Phoseon Technology. “Utilizing Phoseon’s patented SLM™ LED technology enables the KeyPro system to increase lab productivity. Complete inactivation of laboratory contaminants, including the hard-tokill RNase A, can be accomplished by the KeyPro system in under five minutes and at fraction of the cost of traditional methods.”

The KeyPro’s unique combination of UV LED technology, combined with a simple touchscreen interface seamlessly integrates into existing workflows. The KP100 is targeted for use with compatible microplate and preparatory slides commonly found in laboratory environments and provides increased repeatability through the use of stored protocols for different equipment categories.

It will be available in the second quarter of 2018 through Phoseon’s network of life science distributors.

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