NRC to use U.S. firms sensors in lab retrofit

The National Research Council of Canada is aiming to lessen the environmental footprint of its Saskatoon facility with a major energy retrofit.

The federal government’s primary research organization is turning to U.S. company Aircuity for smart automated airside solutions to accomplish their energy efficiency goals.

According to the company the NRC will be using two Aircuity Sensor Suites (SSTs) in its laboratory spaces and one SST for exhaust fan control in the Saskatoon building.

“Implementing energy retrofit projects in a lab environment is challenging,” said Mark Newman, energy management officer at NRC. “But these same challenges also present the NRC with significant opportunities to conserve energy, reduce its environmental footprint and yield substantial savings on operating costs.”

Commercial, institutional and lab building owners can lower operating costs, protect occupants and verifiably cut energy use by up to 60 per cent with the use of Acuity’s on-demand control solutions which optimizes ventilation rates and improve air quality, the Dan Diehl, CEO of Aircuity.

“Over the last decade, airside efficiency has proved to be the biggest single energy efficiency conservation measure available for laboratory spaces,” said Diehl.




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