Norgen Biotek launches new portfolio of next gen sequencing

Norgen's NGS for Small RNA and MicroRNA

Norgen Biotek Corp., a Canadian biotechnology company specializing in tools for nucleic acid and protein purification and stabilization, has launched a new portfolio of product and service solutions for Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) applications. 

Leading the list of new releases from the company is its Small RNA Library Prep Kit for Illumina.  This kit consists of all the reagents and components required to generate small RNA libraries to be used for next-generation sequencing on an Illumina platform.

This kit has been optimized for low input RNA (0.5-1ng), especially from bodily fluids and liquid biopsy samples such as plasma, serum, blood, cerebral spinal fluid (CSF), urine and exosomes.

The simple and rapid workflow allows for the library to be prepared in less than 5 hours, with no gel purification required for selected types of samples.

Norgen has also launched complementary products for Small RNA Library construction including NGS-compatible cel-miR-39 spike-in as well as the NGS Library Quantification Kit (for Small RNA-Seq).

In addition, Norgen also offers a wide range of NGS services to the scientific community.  These include isolation services, library preparation, sequencing, and bioinformatics. Norgen is working with many clients and has extensive experience working with low concentration clinical samples.

Norgen’s facility employs multiple Illumina sequencing platforms including MiSeq and NextSeq 500, allowing a full sequencing menu including Small RNA-seq, RNA-seq, 16S Metagenomics, targeted (DNA/RNA) sequencing, exome sequencing, and whole genome sequencing.

“This new NGS portfolio represents a very exciting addition to our line of high-quality products and service offerings,” said Dr. Haj-Ahmad, president, and CEO of Norgen. “This focus on NGS is a natural expansion of our leading position in liquid biopsies and low input sample prep.  The addition of different Illumina platforms allows us to combine our sample prep expertise with our ISO-certified CLIA-equivalent service offerings.”

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