Natural Products Canada and BioAlberta combine forces to bolster natural product sector

Natural Products Canada and BioAlberta combine forces to help companies, investors, researchers and others participate in the expanding opportunities in naturally-derived products and solutions.

“This is a great opportunity to bolster the natural product sector in Alberta,” says Mel Wong, president and CEO, BioAlberta, which represents more than 160 members of Alberta’s steadily growing life sciences industry of researchers, producers and suppliers. “NPC’s in-depth commercialization experience will help Alberta’s natural product companies become investment-ready and realize their full potential.”

The partnership will give Alberta companies a strong connection to Natural Products Canada, an organization that supports commercialization of naturally-derived products in health and life sciences, natural resources, agriculture and agri-food, and sustainable bioproducts.

“We are delighted to formalize our relationship with BioAlberta,” says Shelley King, CEO of Natural Products Canada (NPC). “Their extensive network and deep understanding of what it takes to drive innovation make them a perfect partner for NPC in Alberta.”

A key benefit of the partnership is the deep industry knowledge and experience of NPC’s network of commercialization experts and resources that are dedicated to advancing Canadian opportunities in natural products.

“There are so many interesting companies in Alberta producing everything from natural health products to hemp-based fibres and biofuels,” said Darren Bolding, NPC’s Regional Director for Alberta and British Columbia, co-located in the BioAlberta office. “We are working closely with BioAlberta and their regional network to identify opportunities that can benefit from NPC’s programs and services.”

The NPC programs are focused on helping companies overcome commercialization hurdles through strategic insights and business advice, industry introductions, and access to capital through investment and connections to other sources of finance. Since its inception in 2016, NPC has made five investments in Canadian companies, experienced one exit, helped hundreds of companies find valuable information, partners and funds to accelerate their path to market, and recently announced a partnership with Nature’s Way to invest in promising Canadian opportunities in the natural health product and nutrition space.

As a node partner, BioAlberta will be a vital part of NPC’s diverse network of collaborators, accessing the rich pool of experts, partnerships and capital.

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