MilliporeSigma launches a new grade of mannitol for dry powder inhalation

MilliporeSigma has launched Parteck M DPI for dry powder inhalation, a new grade of mannitol from MilliporeSigma that improves flow and releases characteristics of active pharmaceutical ingredients in drugs delivered via dry, inhaled powders. Dry powder inhalation is an important pathway for drug delivery and overcomes the challenges presented by aerosol formulations and nebulizers.

MilliporeSigma is the first company to offer mannitol as a carrier, providing drug manufacturers with a new choice.  Mannitol is chemically inert, has low moisture content and is a non-reducing sugar, making it suitable for formulation as it will not react with the active pharmaceutical ingredients. Unlike lactose, which is derived from animal sources, Parteck M DPI is synthetic and manufactured with plant-based raw materials.

Use of Parteck M DPI in dry powder inhalation formulations has the potential to improve compliance among patients who are lactose intolerant. It offers several important advantages when compared with lactose, the only alternative carrier with associated pharmacopeia for dry powder inhalation.

Learn more about Parteck M DPI:

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