MilliporeSigma collaborates with Solvias to release kit for pyrogen detection

MilliporeSigma in collaboration with Solvias, a Swiss contract research and service provider, offers the PyroMAT system, a new MAT kit for pyrogen detection. The kit joins other products in MilliporeSigma’s pyrogen detection portfolio, that was developed collaboratively by the companies.

Pharmaceutical products contain pyrogen contaminations in biotherapeutics and medical devices which can induce life-threatening fevers, manufacturers must ensure that pyrogen concentrations do not exceed certain limits. The new PyroMAT System detects the full range of pyrogens in pharmaceutical raw materials and products.

“Our new PyroMAT System has many advantages over existing methods, which are often limited in the products and range of pyrogens that can be detected,” says Jean-Charles Wirth, head of Applied Solutions at MilliporeSigma. “This system offers a high-quality, ready-to-use in vitro method that does not require live animal testing and detects the broad spectrum of pyrogens.”

The new kit eliminates the laboratory work required to maintain the cell line, and the cells are qualified in terms of performance and shipment.

“We are pleased that our collaboration with MilliporeSigma to distribute the cell-based test is now coming to fruition,” says Karen Huebscher, CEO, Solvias.  “The new PyroMAT System has significant potential through distinct advantages over current methods of testing for pyrogens. It produces results that are both reliable and reproducible, characteristics that are essential for quality assurance.”

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