Millipore Sigma releases testosterone calibrator kit

The critical importance of testosterone in the physiological development and function of males and females underscores its significant role in endocrine disorders and disease. Millipore Sigma has created a serum calibrant kit for in vitro diagnostic use in mass spectrometry-based testing methods that contains the steroid hormone testosterone.

The certified reference material grade kit is designed to bracket male and female testosterone clinical reference ranges, including ten levels from 2-2,000 ng/dL along with a blank and C-labeled internal standard.

Clinical assessment of testosterone levels in males and females is performed for a variety of diagnostic applications, from low testosterone levels in men to suspected polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and its impact on fertility and pregnancy in women. Testosterone measurements also assist in the diagnosis of androgen-secreting tumours in women as well as monitoring of drug treatment responses in men with prostate cancer.

Laboratories, as well as methodologies, can vary significantly. Some studies suggest that this might be due to underutilization of testosterone specific to clinically relevant populations and potential limited use of serum-based specimen calibration programs.

Cerilliant’s certified reference material grade testosterone calibrator in stripped serum is manufactured and tested to the highest industry standards.

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