Micronic 0.30ml tubes address low-volume genomic needs

The 0.30ml storage tubes from Micronic America LLC are ideal for low-volume liquid handlers and are more automation-friendly than most tubes on the market because they remove the need for intermediate plates.

The tubes lend themselves to miniaturization of reaction volume required in genomic applications and are ideal for DNA and RNA libraries, according to the U.S.-based sample storage supplier.

The tube’s features include:

  • RNase/DNase and pyrogen free
  • External for improved sample safety also minimizes cross contamination and maximizes storage volume
  • Triple start thread for optimal sealing quality
  • Screw cap cannot be overturned due to unique lock when sealed
  • Thick tube walls, sturdy design, and excellent properties for ultra-low temperature storage
  • Made from medically approved polypropylene (CE-IVD)
  • Standard available with 2D Data-Matrix code
  • Black code surface cannot be separated from the transparent tube due to the patented 2K injection molding technique
  • Standard available in bulk and Micronic ULT Rack
  • Compatible with the Univo Screw Cap Recappers and automated systems

The externally threaded tubes eliminate the possibility of the sample coming into contact with the screw thread. This reduces the chances of cross-contamination.

The surface of the tubes with external thread features a raised edge, which protects the 2D code against accidental scratches, ensuring absolute traceability.




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