Microbiologics launches new panels for microbial detection

Having everything in one place can make all the difference; like when all the required QC strains for your lab’s microbial detection/identification system are already combined in one convenient panel. Microbiologics offers a wide range of bundled QC Sets and Panels for the most commonly used technologies and standards. Each set or panel contains the manufacturer-recommended quality control strains for a particular instrument or test method in a simple, ready-to-use format.

The new panels are for the verification and routine quality control of common molecular assays. They include four panels for women’s health and sexually transmitted infection testing — human papillomavirus control panel; human papillomavirus verification panel; vaginal control panel; and vaginal verification panel. The company also launched new panels for blood culture identification and gastrointestinal testing — blood culture control panel; blood culture verification panel; enteric viral control panel; and enteric viral verification panel. The new panels are designed to mimic patient sample processing.


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