International Mass Spectrometry Conference in Toronto puts Canadian scientists on world stage

TORONTO, ON – After almost being exclusively held in Europe, the International Mass Spectrometry Conference (IMSC) is making its North American debut in Toronto.

The conference kicked off Aug. 20  and will run till Aug. 26. More than 1,200 worldwide delegates are currently meeting at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre (MTCC) to engage in learning and discourse in mass spectrometry, the determination and characterization of ionized molecules, including those that are of importance to the environment, industry, health, and medicine.

The 21st biennial conference is expected to infuse the local economy with approximately over $3.5 million in visitor spending. It will bring the most recent findings in mass spectrometry science and practice to Canada, as well as showcase the work of Canadian scientists on a global stage.

“Canadian scientists have made significant contributions to mass spectrometry, and many of these advancements were made by Toronto-based scientists specifically,” said professor Michael Siu, vice president of Research and Innovation at the University of Windsor, who led the charge in bringing IMSC to Toronto as an Ambassador of the Leaders Circle. As a network of professionals across a variety of industries that works to bring international meetings to Toronto, the Leaders Circle partnered with Siu in 2012, who at the time held the title of President of the Canadian Society for Mass Spectrometry (CSMS). Through a highly competitive bid process, Siu successfully proved Toronto was the ideal world class city to host IMSC in 2016.

“Toronto has one of the highest concentrations of mass spectrometers in Canada, with the Greater Toronto Area being home to two mass spectrometry manufacturers, SCIEX (now a division of Danaher) and IONICS (now a division of PerkinElmer),” added Siu. What’s more, Toronto proved to be an enviable premier city to host IMSC with its standing as the financial capital of the country, as well as one of Canada’s largest cities with direct flight access from other major cities around the world.

The conference features a dynamic week of daily scientific sessions, exhibitions, workshops, courses, and seminars, and those individuals who have made significant contributions in the field will be recognized formally with awards.

“It’s an honour to have been selected as the North American venue of choice for IMSC, a conference of vital importance to not only mass spectrometry science, but also its vast number of applications,” said Barry Smith, president and CEO of MTCC. “On behalf of Toronto I’d like to wish international delegates in attendance a highly productive and memorable time in our city.”

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