Immunoprecise lands first humanized antibody project

antibodies to cell movement of the virus

Vancouver’s ImmunoPrecise Antibodies Ltd. recently reported that it has received its first significant commercial project to develop humanized antibodies.

“With this significant humanizing project award, we are expanding into one of the higher margin business segments we have been targeting and executing on one of our key strategic growth areas,” said Tom D’Orazio, CEO of ImmunoPrecise.  “We very recently completed the necessary R&D steps for the fulfillment of these types of lucrative projects and are already seeing the fruits of this success in developing human antibodies for high-profile organizations.”

This project builds on the firm’s recent R&D projects with two established biotech companies which produced successful results developing human monoclonal antibodies using ImmunoPrecise’s proprietary methodologies, including its RapidPrime immunization protocol.  RapidPrime is able to identify positive monoclonal antibodies in as little as 32 days.

ImmunoPrecise did not identify what business or organization awarded the company the commercial project.

Making human antibodies is a key step in developing monoclonal antibodies for human therapeutic use.  Over 50 per cent of all new drug therapies in development is antibody-based.

Leaders in this space include Genentech, Bayer AG, Pfizer Inc., Sanofi, F.Hoffman-La Roche, Merck, GlaxoSmithKline, NovartisAG and Abbvie.

Monoclonal antibodies are engineered to attach to specific proteins called antigens.  They can work in a variety ways such as triggering an immune response, disrupting essential cell signaling, or used as conjugates that carry drugs directly to the diseased cells.

Monoclonal antibodies have become a major source of blockbuster drugs.  Examples include Humira (world’s top-selling pharmaceutical product used for pain relief, $13 billion in 2014 global sales) and Avastin (an antibody-based cancer drug that sold over $7.3 Billion in 2015).

The monoclonal antibody therapeutics market will be worth $245 billion by 2024 up from $86.7 billion in 2015, according to the recently released market study by Transparency Market Research.

ImmunoPrecise operates from laboratory facilities located at the Vancouver Island Technology Park in Victoria, British Columbia. The building houses the company’s tissue culture and molecular facilities as well as an animal care unit.

The services offered the company includes the development of mouse and rat monoclonal and rabbit recombinant monoclonal antibodies against a wide spectrum of antigens, protein purification, and expression, as well as polyclonal antibodies, immunologically based assays, and solutions to challenges faced by clients in antibody-related research and development.

ImmunoPrecise also provides cryopreservation services for the storage of valuable biological materials including hybridoma clones, plasmid constructs, and cell lines. The antibodies produced by the company target a wide variety of environmental, diagnostic and research applications.

The contract is not only meaningful in terms of revenues but also boosts ImmunoPrecise’s reputation in the marketplace as an approved and proven CRO, said D’Orazio

“We expect increasing demand from existing and new clients in this business line to drive revenue growth,” he added.

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