High purity deionized water from Brooks vapour delivery module

VDM 300 from Brooks Instrument

The Vapour Delivery Module (VDM) 300 from Brooks Instrument is a self-contained module which provides ultra-high purity deionized water (DIW) vapour. It is ideal for application in ultra-high purity humidification sub-atmospheric environments, as well as silicon semiconductor metal strip processing and post metal etching process workplaces.

Full-scale flow capacity is up to 3,000 standard cubic centimeters per minute (ccm), with a better control turndown ratio of 20:1. Flow accuracy is ±1.0 percent of set point at 10-100 per cent full-scale, while repeatability is less than ±0.2 per cent full-scale. The flow rate is independent of DIW inlet pressure fluctuations.

Based on proven thermal mass flow measurement techniques, the VDM produces vapor in a non-super-heated vapor state, reducing the aggressive effects of deionized water, for improved reliability and cleaner operation.

Features include:

  • Flow range: 3 slpm (DIW vapor)
  • Direct water vapor measurement with superior flow accuracy
  • Connects directly to the house deionized water supply
  • Operates at lower temperatures (non-superheated state)
  • Optimized design for flushing and draining
  • EtherCAT digital communications
  • Brooks Expert Support Tool (BEST) graphical user interface

The VDM 300 uses a reliable thermal mass flow measurement and control technique. The product is highly tolerant of varying fab DIW supply pressure and features improved corrosion resistance in wetted paths.

The VDM 300 offers user-friendly data logging and diagnostic features via an independent service port and an intuitive graphical user interface.

Users interface is possible via both analog and digital communication.


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