Helomics Corporation launches its new Precision Oncology Insights platform

Helomics Corporation launches its new Precision Oncology Insights platform. This platform provides a personalized oncology roadmap for oncologists and their patients. The initial focus will be on gynecologic cancers, especially ovarian.

This unique platform tests living tumour tissue from the patient to determine how the tumours respond to drugs. Helomics then combines this drug response profile with other genomic and molecular data. The results are analysed by its Artificial Intelligence knowledgebase, D-CHIP™ (Dynamic Clinical Health Insights Platform), to generate a roadmap that provides additional context to help the patient’s oncologist personalize treatment.

Helomics’ commercialization strategy for the Precision Oncology Insights platform is focused on its existing network of 1,200+ oncologists, together with negotiating strategic deals with global academic medical centers. Moreover, new tumours are being continuously added to the D-CHIP platform from patients using Precision Oncology Insights. D-CHIP will become the cornerstone of pharmaceutical drug development programs, biomarker discovery, patient recruitment and selection for clinical trials and drug repurposing initiatives.

Dr. Mark Collins, VP of Innovation and Strategy for Helomics comments “We firmly believe this unique tumor drug response profiling platform, together with the latest Next Generation Sequencing (NGS)-based genomic profiling and our vast D-CHIP AI powered knowledge-base of 150,000 tumors, provides a more functional approach to precision medicine than relying on genomics alone. We believe this new Precision Oncology Insights approach will help oncologists better guide therapy decision making and we are excited to roll it out for our oncologists and their patients during 2018.”

“With the launch of the Precision Oncology Insights platform, we are executing on our strategy of moving from a traditional diagnostic company focused on offering specific tests and dependent upon unreliable reimbursement policies, to a precision medicine company that provide of actionable treatment roadmaps supported by a proprietary AI-powered bioinformatics engine. This new business model offers more sustainable revenue stream, while growing patient specimen volume which grows the data and hence the value of our D-CHIP database,” says Mr. Gerald Vardzel, CEO of Helomics.

Dr. Carl Schwartz, chief executive officer of Precision Therapeutics, adds, “Helomics is making excellent progress as it advances its mission to have a positive and meaningful impact on outcomes in precision medicine. The Precision Oncology Insights Business is currently focused on building closer relationships with oncologists. While the outreach efforts are ongoing, Helomics has already received positive feedback and validation for its precision oncology insight approach. As tumor sample volumes increase, we expect to leverage this into additional data for the D-CHIP, which will in turn grow revenues and the total value of the business.”

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