Health Canada approves MedReleaf’s cannabis oil softgel capsules

MedReleaf Corp. announces that it has received a Health Canada approval for the sale of its cannabis oil softgel capsules, becoming the first licensed producer to bring colour-coded and cannabis variety-specific softgel capsules to the market and the only licensed producer to manufacture softgel capsules from a certified ISO and GMP facility.

“Orally ingested softgel capsules give prescribing physicians and patients precise dosing in a familiar and convenient medicinal form factor. These products provide access to cannabis for an under-served patient community more comfortable taking their medication in a traditional capsule rather than by oil or through vapourizers,” says Robert Gora, senior director of Physician Outreach. “As part of MedReleaf’s ongoing focus on patient safety, our softgel capsules are uniquely colour-coded to allow patients to easily differentiate between the specific cultivar or type of oil product that they are consuming, letting patients more safely manage their medication.”

MedReleaf’s softgel capsules will be categorized by four different colours. This colour coding ensures that patients will know the specific cultivar or type of oil product they are consuming:

  • Blue for indicas (nighttime)
  • Yellow for sativas (daytime)
  • Colourless for capsules without THC (CBD only)
  • Purple for balanced products (featuring both THC & CBD)

“Our product development teams continue to set the standard for innovation and quality in our industry with pharmaceutical-grade softgel capsules that faithfully capture both cannabinoid and terpenes profiles of our award-winning varieties,” adds Neil Closner, CEO of MedReleaf. “The addition of softgel capsules to our product line will enhance our efforts to build physician support for medical cannabis and are more cost-effective to produce, easier to swallow, and have a longer shelf-life than standard oil capsules.”

Production of MedReleaf’s softgel capsules has begun and will be available for order in the following varieties in the coming weeks:

Cannabis Oil Softgel Capsule Dominance THC per Capsule CBD per Capsule
Avidekel Indica <2 mg 20 mg
Midnight Sativa 2 mg 3 mg
Alaska and Luminarium Sativa 5 mg 0 mg
Sedamen and Stellio Indica 5 mg 0 mg

MedReleaf patients and healthcare professionals are encouraged to visit to find out more and to order product.

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