Gemini 88 plus dual rate syringe pump

KD Scientific offers its new Gemini 88 plus dual rate syringe pump. This unique pump is really two individual syringe pumps in one instrument, providing two independent pumping channels linked through hardware and software.

The pump can infuse simultaneously at different rates, or infuse with one syringe and withdraw with the other. When combined with a valve box, it provides the continuous delivery of a peristaltic or piston pump with the accuracy, absence of pulsation and low flow rates of a syringe pump. This functionality allows continuous infusion or withdrawal, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with the accuracy and low flow of a KD Scientific syringe pump.

Other key features include a large touch screen display for quick and easy setup, high or low pressure operation  and continuous fluid delivery. The instrument is compatible with a wide variety of syringes.

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