Fluidigm releases Maxpar Human Immune Monitoring Panel Kit

Fluidigm has launched the Maxpar Human Immune Monitoring Panel Kit for comprehensive immune cell profiling in cancer and immune-mediated diseases. Designed for use with the company’s Helios CyTOF mass cytometry system, the new kit contains 29 metal-labeled antibodies and reagents designed and optimized for deep immune profiling of human peripheral blood mononuclear cells in a single tube.

The panel biomarkers were selected in collaboration with pharmaceutical companies and academic institutions, and are optimized for routine high-parameter immune profiling. Multiple third-party data-analysis options are available to analyze results from the panel, including Cytobank and GemStone software. Verity Software House is providing free access to an enhanced version of GemStone software to customers who purchase the kit.

Maxpar Human Immune Monitoring Panel




CD45 HI30 89Y
CD196/CCR6 G034E3 141Pr
CD19 HIB19 142Nd
CD127/IL-7Ra A019D5 143Nd
CD38 HIT2 144Nd
IgD IA6-2 146Nd
CD11c Bu15 147Sm
CD16 3G8 148Nd
CD194/CCR4 L291H4 149Sm
CD123/IL-3R 6H6 151Eu
TCRgd 11F2 152Sm
CD185/CXCR5 RF8B2 153Eu
CD3 UCHT1 154Sm
CD45RA HI100 155Gd
CD27 L128 158Gd
CD28 CD28.2 160Gd
CD66b 80H3 162Dy
CD183/CXCR3 G025H7 163Dy
CD161 HP-3G10 164Dy
CD45RO UCHL1 165Ho
CD24 ML5 166Er
CD197/CCR7 G043H7 167Er
CD8 SK1 168Er
CD25/IL-2RA 2A3 169Tm
CD20 2H7 171Yb
HLA-DR L243 173Yb
CD4 SK3 174Yb
CD14 M5E2 175Lu
CD56 NCAM16.2 176Yb

Kit Contents:

  • Maxpar Metal-Conjugated Antibodies (29 markers, individually packaged)
  • Maxpar Cell Acquisition Solution
  • Maxpar Cell Staining Buffer
  • Maxpar Fix and Perm Buffer
  • Maxpar PBS
  • Cell-ID™ Intercalator–Ir
  • Cell-ID Cisplatin

Fluidigm products required but not included:

  • EQ™ Four Element Calibration Beads (Cat. No. 201078, 100 mL)
  • Tuning Solution (Cat. No. 201072, 250 mL)
  • WB Injector (Cat. No. 107950)*

*One free WB Injector is shipped per Helios instrument installed. Additional WB Injectors are available for purchase.

Reagents required from other vendors:

  • Human TruStain FcX™ (Fc-Receptor Blocking Solution) (BioLegend® Cat. No. 422301, 50 tests; Cat. No. 422302, 200 tests)
  • Pierce™ 16% Formaldehyde (w/v), Methanol-free (Thermo Fisher Scientific™ Cat. No. 28906 (10 x 1 mL); Cat. No. 28908 (10 x 10 mL)
  • Species:

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