Federal greenhouse gas program give $3.8-M to U of A researchers

(Photo by Just a Prairie Boy)

Researchers at the University of Alberta who are studying ways to cut agricultural greenhouse gas emissions have received a total of $3.8 million in research funding from the federal government.

Mark Boyce, a professor in the department of biological science, received a $2 million grant under the government’s Agricultural Greenhouse Gas Program.

Boyce’s research involves finding alternative means of feeding livestock that will enable the storage of carbon on land to up to three tonnes of carbon dioxide per hectare. His work also includes supporting plant diversity and protecting bird habitat.

Two other U of A researchers also received grants from the government for their work with greenhouse gasses.

Guillermo Hernandez Ramirez received a $1 million grant to analyze the intensity of greenhouse gas emissions of perennial and annual cereal crops.

Scott Chang received $690,000 to examine enrichment planting in shelterbelts and windrows.

According to a report in the Edmonton Journal, Boyce’ research involves finding the best grazing method that would reduce greenhouse gas emission but also protect plant and bird life. His team will study 60 the activities in 60 farms for a period of five years.



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