Efficient type three pure lab water

MilliporeSigma’s Milli-Q HR 7000 has designed a powerful, versatile and modern central pure water station. Able to purify up to thirteen-thousand litres of water a day for small laboratories or entire research facilities with clean, type three laboratory water.

The Progard cartridges placed inside the purification system efficiently remove particles, colloids, free chlorine and hardness; and the advanced reverse osmosis then removes up to ninety-nine percent of ions, and ninety-nine percent of all dissolved organics, microorganisms, and particles. The Milli-Q HR 7000 takes less hands-on time to maintain and reduces water waste of up to fifty-percent.

The equipment can be integrated into almost any lab or building and are capable of driving and controlling all ancillary equipment needed for a complete installation, including distribution pumps and loops, alarms, monitors, UV lamps and sanitization modules. They are outfitted with a large, colour touchscreen display panel to facilitate maintenance control and access stored data. Authorized users can securely access the monitor and data from any location via laptop or smartphone 24/7.

The Milli-Q HR 7000 system makes it easier to manage and keep records of all running parameters, including water quality, alarms and events, water usage, and consumables.

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