E-Gel Agarose System for Routine NA Electrophoresis

Thermo Fisher Scientific releases the Invitrogen E-Gel Power Snap Electrophoresis system for rapid, real-time nucleic acid analysis, high-resolution image capture and helps reduce workflow time to help accelerate discovery.

The Power Snap Electrophoresis system takes up minimal space in the laboratory and offers a range of high-quality functions to make valuable time spent more efficiently. The product can analyze the E-gel precast agarose gels faster to eliminate tedious work and go from sample loading to image capture in as little as fifteen minutes. The electrophoresis has also been developed with a large touchscreen and intuitive operating system to make it much simpler to use.

The power snap system and E-gel precast cassettes take away the need to handle hazardous chemicals, making it a safer environment for those in the vicinity. The release of this product by Thermo Fisher Scientific provides opportunities for growth due to the simplified electrophoresis system.

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