Compact, easy-to-use mixer for the laboratory

The Thinky ARM-310 engineering compounds mixer provides consistent mixing results with simple operation and no mixing implements to clean. Like the rest of the Thinky mixing machines, the Thinky ARM-310 uses planetary centrifugal motion to quickly and homogeneously disperse engineering compounds such as adhesives, sealants, lubricants, cosmetics, or pharmaceuticals. Mixing takes place in removable containers so that there is no mess to clean up after mixing to save valuable time and avoiding cross-contamination.

The automated mixing process works in seconds to minutes, and provides the same mixing results every time, with a fast return on investment compared to manual mixing. Mixing programs can be stored in the mixer’s memory for easy operator use.

Features and Benefits:

  • For materials with various densities and viscosities, or dry particle mixing
  • Non-invasive processing ends the risk of cross-contamination between batches
  • Processes in seconds to minutes
  • Processes in your containers such as jar, barrel, cartridge, syringe or tube
  • Processes from 0.5ml – save valuable material wastage
  • Re-mixes separated materials to prolong shelf life
  • No damage to material unlike the use of rollers, mixing blades or propellers
  • No unit cleaning between batches, which eliminates non-productive work

More information can be found on the Intertronics website. 

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