Cole-Parmer system reduces exposure to hazardous fumes

Scientists, chemical hygienists and researchers who work with high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) and similar liquid-based technologies will require reliable protection against harmful chemical vapoursĀ in the laboratory. This can be done with VapLock Closed Systems for solvent delivery and waste containment. They safeguard technicians and the environment and help maintain compliance with government safety regulations and laboratory best practices.

The systems also regulate solvent extraction, maintain pressure equilibrium and control evaporation of the mobile phase, facilitating more repeatable analytical results. Critical analytical instruments, such as HPLC, commonly use organic solvents. Reagent and collection vessels are often left open or ineffectively closed with films and aluminum foil, venting potentially toxic vapours to the atmosphere.

These systems offer a mechanical means to reduce exposure to volatile organic fumes and hazardous waste solvents. They are modular and versatile, with a full range of available options to adapt to most any equipment setup, including a variety of materials for chemical compatibility and multiple port connections and bottle cap sizes.


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