Cable-free lollipop stem thermometers ease temperature verification

Lollipop Stem Thermometers

Bel-Art SP Scienceware has cut the cord with its latest laboratory thermometers.

The company’s cable-free calibrated electronic verification lollipop stem thermometers were designed to make the task of verifying temperatures much easier.

“These Lollipop Stem Thermometres are compact, all-in-one units with the display attached directly to the probe instead of with a cable commonly used in electronic verification thermometers,” explains Laura Geenen, director of product management for SP Scienceware.

Cabled electronic verification thermometers are useful in ovens and freezers, and other applications that require the temperature to be verified without disrupting the samples’ environment.

However, for applications where the temperature is verified less frequently, r can be checked during routine entry of the environment, the compact, cable-free Lollipop thermometre is the superior choice.

With SP Scienceware’s latest release, “the entire digital unit can be placed inside a refrigerator, incubator, or room to verify the temperature of the samples within,” said Geenen.

The thermometers are available with general calibration, or with calibration specific to refrigerators, incubators, or ambient temperatures.

All of the Lollipop Stem Thermometres are supplied with calibration documents that meet the requirements of ISO 17025.

General calibration models are priced at US$59.48 while the specific calibration models have a list price of $99.98.

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