Biological E. licenses Takeda’s measles, pertussis vaccines

Biopharmaceutical company Biological E. Ltd.,(BE) has signed licensing agreements with the Takeda Pharmaceutical Co., of Japan to develop and sell low-cost versions of Takeda’s vaccines in India and China.

Takeda has sold both the measles and pertussis vaccines in the Japanese market for more than 20 years.

However, in heavily populated countries like India, where 25.7 million births occurred in 2015, substantial opportunities remain to deliver critical vaccines to those who need them.

These agreements illustrate Takeda’s intention to collaborate with other organizations to overcome public health challenges in low and middle-income countries, according to Rahul Singhvi, chief operating officer of Takeda’s vaccine business unit.

“Access to medicines is one of Takeda’s core values, and these agreements align with Takeda’s strategic goals to make high-impact contributions to global public health, either alone or through partners,” he said. “These two agreements along with our current vaccine pipeline underscore our global commitment to address important infectious diseases across the globe.”

Under these agreements, Takeda will transfer from Japan, to BE its existing measles and acellular pertussis vaccine bulk production technology. This will include the provision of technical services such as support in infrastructure review, training for production and quality control, technical assistance in process development, preclinical study design and production of clinical batch and the first commercial batches.

BE, will scale up the bulk production technology transferred from Takeda.

BE, will be solely responsible for conducting and funding development activities for the combination vaccines.

BE has rights to use Takeda’s measles vaccine technology for a combination MR vaccine and the right to use Takeda’s pertussis vaccine technology for any pertussis-containing combination vaccine. BE will have commercialization rights for the MR and pertussis vaccines in India, China and selected public markets worldwide as defined in the agreements.

“At the core of our mission is to develop and commercialize affordable vaccines. We have successfully demonstrated this through our DTwP franchise in developing countries, and this collaboration allows us to serve additional markets and diversify our geographic presence,” said Mahima Datla, managing director at BE. “In the context of MR, we look forward to contributing to the measles elimination goals and protection against rubella.”

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