Beleave and Kannavis to open 10 growing facilities in British Columbia

Beleave Inc. partners with Kannavis Biotech Corp. to invest, build and operate 867,000 square feet of indoor growing space in British Columbia in preparation for the anticipated demand for cannabis with legalization in Canada just around the corner.

The joint project will include a total of ten indoor growing facilities, approximately 87,000 square feet each, divided between two regions; one in Chilliwack, and nine in Abbotsford. Once construction is complete, both companies will share the operational and day-to-day expenses, with Kannavis assuming sole responsibility for the initial capital expenditures required to build the facilities.

Phase one of the development will begin with the construction of two facilities, one in each city, and is already underway. Both facilities are expected to be completed in mid-2019, with an annual projected capacity of 13,500 kg of dry flower each. The remaining eight facilities, planned for phase two of the development, are expected to commence construction in late 2019 bringing the total annual capacity of the Abbotsford site to 121,500 kg.

The new facilities feature an indoor system capable of precisely controlling the internal environment and growing conditions. This allows Beleave to maintain its industry-leading high-yields of 475 grams per square foot annually while keeping overhead costs low.

“Our British Columbia project will give Beleave the indoor capacity in the province to supply our established distribution channels, and enhance our ability to meet the need for high quality and diverse strains across Canada and international markets,” says Andrew Wnek, Beleave CEO. “B.C. has a rich reputation with respect to cannabis agriculture, and we’re excited to be growing in a province with such a strong tradition. I want to thank our hard-working staff and partners for all their efforts to make this project a success.”

Beleave continues to operate its facility in Hamilton that houses high-efficiency extraction, R&D, product development and cultivation of cannabis and cannabis derived products. The facility’s 80,000 square foot expansion will proceed as planned once final permits are granted. In the meantime, the site continues to be the hub of operations for extraction, packaging, and distribution.

“We have taken strategic steps to ensure that reliable, high-quality product is readily available for sale this October across all of our growing distribution channels,” says Bojan Krasic, Beleave CFO. “As we await permitting to finalize the expansion of the Hamilton facility, we will continue to produce product out of that property to support early sales efforts. Earlier this month we announced the acquisition of additional land and greenhouse space in London, Ontario which will bring yields in early 2019. With today’s announcement, we are adding hundreds of thousands of square feet of superior indoor grow space to our portfolio of properties. This strengthens our overall stance when measured against our larger peers.”

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