Asynt releases chemistry tools innovation services

Asynt announces its “Asyntise service” whereby the company collaborates with scientists to create practical tools for their research needs. These products may be in the form of one-off custom pieces or, in some instances, may evolve into a commercial product suitable for a wider audience.

Asyntise formalises the close link that Asynt has established with the international chemistry research community over the last 15 years, providing them access to exciting new products which meet a previously unfulfilled requirement. Drawing upon knowledge and experience across a broad range of fields; including engineering of metals and plastics, scientific glass manufacture, design of laboratory reactors and high-pressure vessels, as well as electronic design and control. Examples of past collaborative projects are detailed on the Asynt website at

This service allows the user to customize made-to-order solutions to ensure that the final product has the right specifications. There are no limits on size, shape or material of construction.

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