Asuragen releases the QuantideX NGS DNA Hotspot 21 Kit that detects variants in tumours

The QuantideX NGS DNA Hotspot 21 Kit is an in vitro diagnostic, next-generation sequencing (NGS) panel for the detection of clinically relevant variants across a multitude of tumour types, including non-small cell lung cancer, colorectal cancer, and melanoma.  The kit screens for over 1,500 known genomic variants, including single nucleotide variants (SNVs), insertions/deletions (indels), and structural rearrangements, many of which are treatable with novel therapies, inform on patient management, or are the subject of further clinical evaluation.  The panel provides a robust and reliable NGS solution for the identification of clinically relevant targets.

The QuantideX NGS DNA Hotspot 21 Kit combines Asuragen’s unique NGS-in-a-Box solution with a streamlined testing workflow to enable unprecedented NGS workflow efficiency and high sensitivity at low input amounts from precious FFPE samples.

Reduced Complexity
Assay incorporates sample-to-data solutions in a unique NGS-in-a-Box™ configuration

  • Detects >1,500 variants from commonly mutated genomic regions across multiple tumour types
  • End-to-end kitted solution
  • Fully integrated data analysis pipeline

Optimized Workflow
Provides operational efficiencies to reduce testing costs, hands-on and total turnaround time

  • Reduced labour required for library preparation
  • Improved turnaround time enables higher throughput
  • Common workflow across portfolio streamlines training & implementation

Quality Performance
Highly sensitive assay with integrated, Sample-Aware bioinformatics software and built-in quality checks to minimize erroneous results and sample failures

  • Highly sensitive detection of DNA-based variants
  • Low input (~20ng) of DNA from FFPE
  • Sample-Aware bioinformatics analysis and sample quality control 

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