APN Quebec snaps up AFP

Precision metal machining company APN Quebec is looking to boost its capability to enter the life sciences market with its recent acquisition of Analytical Flow Products from Mecanique Analytique Inc.

The combined companies will be called APN-AFP.

APN, which specializes in products for the defence, aeronautical and optic sensors space, aims to leverage AFP’s expertise in manufacturing complex valves for chemical separations for its life science’s push.

“Due to the synergies, the acquisition was consequently a natural step and aligned with APN strategy to diversify its activities in other markets such as life science and the analytical field,” a press release from APN said.

The AFP product line includes the company’s Gas Chromatographic Diaphragm and Rotary valves, and accessories.

APN is owned and managed by the brothers Yves and Jean Proteau.

APN has been a long-time AFP supplier. In 2016, AFP made the strategic decision to outsource its high volume manufacturing line in early 2016 to APN.

AFP was founded by Yves Gamache and Andre Fortier in 2007.

Peter Theissen, who has been with AFP since 2012, is a shareholder of APN World. He is now the CEO of APN-AFP.

Gamache will continue to be involved in the new company as the technical leader for innovation.

Gamache will also focus on a new project and start a new company called Analytical Sensing Devices. ASD will develop a new type of anticipated detector technology that will be launched during the Beijing BCEIA show in October 2017.

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