Alberta-Ontario Innovation Program announces 20 cross-province projects

Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE) announces 20 new projects valued at more than $36 million. The funding is due to the Alberta-Ontario Innovation Program (AOIP), a cross-provincial collaboration between Ontario and Alberta. Projects are funded by OCE with additional funding on select projects by Alberta Innovates (AI), Emissions Reduction Alberta (ERA) and Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC).

The total project value is $36.6 million includes:

Ontario funding of $3.51 million through OCE and $3.4 million from industry partners

Alberta funding of $2.23 million through AI, $8.74 million through ERA and industry partner funding of $15.3 million

National funding of $3.32 million through NSERC.

“Alberta Innovates appreciates that a united partnership delivers greater positive impact than any one party could alone. The Alberta-Ontario Innovation Program is transformative for the participants involved as well as for our provinces, Canada and beyond,” says Laura Kilcrease, Alberta Innovates CEO.

The Alberta-Ontario Innovation Program (AOIP) brings together industry and academia in cross-provincial, strategic collaborations to solve key industry challenges in both Ontario and Alberta through research and development. The program’s goal is to create economic benefits for both provinces through job retention and creation, enhanced productivity and competitiveness, knowledge transfer and industry revenue growth. Participating companies may use research results to their own advantage or for the benefit of their supply chains.

“Partnerships like the Alberta-Ontario Innovation Program bring together key contributors to Canada’s innovation ecosystem, encouraging our countries best and brightest to collaborate on R&D projects,” says Reza Moridi, Ontario Minister of Research, Innovation and Science. “Our government values this work, and I am excited to see these projects build a prosperous future for all of us, both here in Ontario, and across the country.”

The AOIP funded projects also focused on strengthening global competitiveness in areas such as conservation of water and energy, environmental remediation, modular manufacturing and assembly, converting waste into energy, and agriculture.

“Innovation and collaboration are the key for building a productive, diversified and sustainable Canadian economy that can compete globally,” says Deron Bilous, Minister of Alberta Economic Development and Trade. “The Alberta-Ontario Innovation Program provides effective ways for innovators in both provinces to access knowledge, resources and connections to bring solutions forward in critical areas like the environment, health, energy and industrial competitiveness. Working together, across governments and industry, proves the power of partnership and the role of strong provincial economies for a stronger Canada.”

“Collaboration is at the heart of the innovation ecosystem and government-funded initiatives like the Alberta-Ontario Innovation Program recognize that through partnerships in our research and development community, we can see tremendous results for challenges facing the environment, manufacturing, jobs and the economy,” says Dr. Tom Corr, president and CEO, OCE.

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