Aircuity2.0 feature on-demand ventilation control for labs

Aircuity 2.0 with MyAircuity app

Massachusetts-based air quality solutions company Aircuity has released a new tool designed to help laboratory operators better control their ventilation systems and significantly reduce their energy bills.

The company’s Aircuity 2.0 system includes Aircuity’s new MyAircuity web and desktop application. The software provides building owners and facility managers relevant information and visibility into their facilities’ ventilation system. It delivers data and insights that can help them make smarter decisions regarding the management of ventilation systems.

The MyAircuity app goes beyond providing simple data trends. It delivers “deeper analytics” of cost and energy savings, indoor environmental quality responses, and even occupant behavours, the company said.

Aircuity 2.0 also includes physical system upgrades. Aircuity made a significant investment to enhance the intelligence of its devices so the system can better “watch itself” and has migrated its data centre to Microsoft Azure.

The company will be working with customers to migrate its entire portfolio to the new platform.  More than 700 installations in 17 countries will benefit from the new features.

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