Advanced Proteome Therapeutics joins forces with Noria Pharmaceuticals

Advanced Proteome Therapeutics Corporation (APC) joins forces with Noria Pharmaceuticals Inc. in the rapidly growing field of antibody radioisotope conjugates.

APC will test its proprietary, site-selective, linker technology with Noria’s proprietary MacroPA radioisotope chelation technology in combination with antibodies known to preferentially target cancer cells. The scope of the current work will include investigations utilizing cell lines and animal studies.

“APC’s linker technology represents a significant advance toward enabling the creation of a new generation of ADCs with superior potency and less toxicity,” says Dr. Allen Krantz, CSO and founder of APC. “Our goal will be to extend the scope of our technology and make an important contribution to the emerging field of radioimmunotherapy that the company can capitalize on commercially.”

Radioimmunotherapy (RIT) uses an antibody labeled with a radionuclide to deliver cytotoxic radiation to a target cell. In cancer therapy, an antibody with specificity for a tumour-associated antigen is used to deliver a lethal dose of radiation to the tumour cells. The ability of the antibody to specifically bind to a tumour-associated antigen increases the dose delivered to the tumour cells while decreasing the dose to normal tissues.

“Radioimmunotherapy using alpha and beta emitting isotopes is an area of rapid development and investment,” says Bill Dickie, president and CEO of APC. “Major Pharma companies have made multi-billion-dollar acquisitions in the field and a number of emerging companies have benefitted from significant venture funding. Noria’s principals are radiopharmaceutical industry veterans who are demonstrating that they have best-in-class radioisotope chelation technology. APC is very pleased to be working with them.”

Dr. Allan Green, president and CEO of Noria adds, “We are excited to extend our network of collaborators to include APC and look forward to working with them to create superior antibody-based therapies.”


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